B(l)ack in Black

Let’s all pretend that AC/DC’s song of the same title is playing right now. What an epic song, like so freaking epic, every time I play it, I feel like a badass who should be wearing a leather jacket or something. Instead, I am wearing an oversized sweater talking about black ice cream in a black cone.

Onto the last part to this three-part series! Everything comes better in a trio right? I mean the Jonas Brothers; Harry, Hermione and Ron; and Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda? I mean come on… I don’t think I’m wrong. But this last post is one dedicated to pop culture, it is me feeding into the latest craze: Charcoal Ice Cream.


Thanks to íHalo Krunch, Toronto got some charcoal freaking ice cream for their citizens. It’s located on 915 Queen St W, it’s literally right in front of Trinity Bellwoods Park. Me and my cousin just walked write down Queen Street, but you can take the 501L street car (or I think it’s a replacement bus) down.

In regards to lineups, we were extremely lucky! The line up wasn’t too horrendous, and we probably got our cones 10 minutes after arriving. Besides, waiting in line isn’t so bad, when there’s ice cream at the end of it!


Anyways, I had a lot of my friends asked me how it tasted, and it tasted really great actually! Against popular belief, the flavour was actually coconut. My cousin ordered a twist, that was half charcoal and half ube (which is this sweet purple yam), they had other flavours and some gelato even. But let’s be real, I went there for one reason and that was to get some charcoal ice cream.

I would say the food was 4.5/5 (am I allowed to be giving decimals?). Even though my cone didn’t fall apart, my cousin’s did and it went all over the place. The aesthetic I’d probably give it like a 3/5? I mean it’s a tiny space, and people are just there to get in, pay, get their cones and leave. There was a back space for people to chill which is thoughtful and they kept it clean and organized, but there really isn’t much you can do?

There you have it, a grand total of what 7.5/10? So a little bit above average? Does it even matter? The real question is: What is the next trend? And when will that be coming to Toronto? Until then, pceeazy and I’ll see you tomorrow or something.


Tap Tap Roomvolution

Who remembers Tap Tap revolution!? That stuff was my shit! I was not good at it by all means, but there was something about tapping furiously on you iPod touch. Also, does that game still exist!?*

*Update: obviously I Goggled it, it does still exist… but did you know that it’s called ‘Tap Tap Revenge’? I surely didn’t. Now the biggest question of all becomes… was it Tap Tap Revenge and was I always just wrong?

So, as it turns out, this post will sadly not be revolving around the game Tap Tap Revenge, maybe I’ll review this game along with other old ones in another post. Instead, this is all about the “Coffee Taproom” (aka another place reviewed by Chef Boycaro)

IMG_5518The Coffee Taproom is a pop-up shop that opened up on Queen Street West (it’s right beside the Urban Outfitters). Closest intersection is Spadina and Queen Street!

Me and my cousin (you met her in the last post Sugar Pie, Honey Brunch) were aimlessly walking along Queen Street, when we saw a girl handing out something for free. She handed us this sachet of instant coffee, and then we entered the shop. (I know other websites say there’s some secret code to get in, but we literally just walked right on in). Anyways, I thought the concept of it was cool and a great way to promote their products.



There were two walls towards the back filled with cups, and the names on them were misspelled terribly to poke some fun at the baristas in the world. I though it was funny! But I can’t believe they are actually selling these cups online…

Unfortunately, there was no ‘Carolina’ so I settled for something not even close: Christopher, or as Nescafé spelt it, “Crisgopher” which I personally don’t think is that terrible spelt. My cousin chose the cup that had ‘Emma Lee’ written on it, which, I think would be a very common mistake.



Not only did their coffee taste pretty good, but there was also free wifi, amazing lighting, plenty of chairs, no baristas and no lines! Plus, they had these egg shaped chairs hanging from the ceiling, which I personally think was an awesome place to literally “hang out”, get it? Of course you do. But don’t be fooled, the control on those chairs are close to nothing, I’d buy one if I wasn’t so broke. Anyways, there were plenty of people studying there and I was envious of all them. I mean free coffee and wifi?! There’s not much more one can ask for. (Maybe an A+ in the course, but that’s pushing it)

Anyways, this should probably conclude my review on the Coffee Taproom. Food-wise, or I guess drink-wise in this case, 5/5. What else can you really expect? They give you your own sachet of instant coffee, you get to choose a hilarious cup, fill it up with hot water and just mix it. Above all, it was free! Really, just 100%, I don’t know if it was because of the environment, but I was willing to a buy a packet right then and there. The aesthetic and looks of the place get a 4/5, why isn’t it a 5/5? Well it’s closing down TODAY (June 28th). So that freaking sucks … if only they could stay for a little bit longer. (Or like forever, imagine this gem of a studying place to all my UofT, Rye and Georgebrown students!?) And that boys, is why this place only gets a near perfect, 9/10. Until next time Nescafé, au revoir!