B(l)ack in Black

Let’s all pretend that AC/DC’s song of the same title is playing right now. What an epic song, like so freaking epic, every time I play it, I feel like a badass who should be wearing a leather jacket or something. Instead, I am wearing an oversized sweater talking about black ice cream in a black cone.

Onto the last part to this three-part series! Everything comes better in a trio right? I mean the Jonas Brothers; Harry, Hermione and Ron; and Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda? I mean come on… I don’t think I’m wrong. But this last post is one dedicated to pop culture, it is me feeding into the latest craze: Charcoal Ice Cream.


Thanks to íHalo Krunch, Toronto got some charcoal freaking ice cream for their citizens. It’s located on 915 Queen St W, it’s literally right in front of Trinity Bellwoods Park. Me and my cousin just walked write down Queen Street, but you can take the 501L street car (or I think it’s a replacement bus) down.

In regards to lineups, we were extremely lucky! The line up wasn’t too horrendous, and we probably got our cones 10 minutes after arriving. Besides, waiting in line isn’t so bad, when there’s ice cream at the end of it!


Anyways, I had a lot of my friends asked me how it tasted, and it tasted really great actually! Against popular belief, the flavour was actually coconut. My cousin ordered a twist, that was half charcoal and half ube (which is this sweet purple yam), they had other flavours and some gelato even. But let’s be real, I went there for one reason and that was to get some charcoal ice cream.

I would say the food was 4.5/5 (am I allowed to be giving decimals?). Even though my cone didn’t fall apart, my cousin’s did and it went all over the place. The aesthetic I’d probably give it like a 3/5? I mean it’s a tiny space, and people are just there to get in, pay, get their cones and leave. There was a back space for people to chill which is thoughtful and they kept it clean and organized, but there really isn’t much you can do?

There you have it, a grand total of what 7.5/10? So a little bit above average? Does it even matter? The real question is: What is the next trend? And when will that be coming to Toronto? Until then, pceeazy and I’ll see you tomorrow or something.


Sugar Pie, Honey Brunch

Brunch was created by people who slept in too late but wanted some eggs but burgers were the only thing available. To which I assume they were probably like, “Why not have eggs and a burger… together?” some were probably horrified by the idea of eating eggs at like 12 pm in the afternoon. To which the person most likely said “fuck it” and made some gahdamn great brunch.*

img_5499.jpgThis is my cousin. She’s one year older than me, she lives in Toronto and she is one part #Ta5tebudz (yeah, we created a hashtag check it out on Instagram). Whenever we’re together we always go out to eat, like always, so why not create a hashtag? We usually find restaurants by looking at different posts on Instagram. Whenever we are in Downtown Toronto, we always make it a point to try somewhere new to eat.

So with this post, I’ll start a segment on this blog, which will probably be called “Chef Boycaro” (a little bit of a play on Chef Boyardee amirite??) So I’ll start with an introduction, restaurant name, how to get there (or rather how I got there), and end off with an unbiased and incomprehensive review of the food. So it’s pretty much Yelp, but it’s really nothing like Yelp.

Today, we decided to go to “Wish”. It’s a little restaurant on Yonge Street and Charles Street → get off of at Bloor-Yonge Station if you’re taking the TTC!

It’s always a bit awkward taking an aerial view of your food, but any other perspective, I personally can’t take that well. So I ordered the salmon burger, while my cousin ordered the turkey burger. It’s definitely on the pricier side (I think we paid $20 each) for what I personally think it’s worth, but everything is objective.


So the actually patties of the burgers were thick as hell. The ratio of bottom bun to patty just didn’t match up, and by the end of it all, I pretty much had no bottom bun. (A little bit upsetting, but what can ya do?). The sauce they used for their burger was great! It was the same sauce that they put on the side, I want to say that it was like mayonnaise with some dill in it. The vegetables in the burger were basic, it had lettuce and tomato, I mean I don’t really expect much from vegetables, as long there is at least one, I’m all for it. Lastly, the fries … Fries are … fries, you can’t really mess this one up. And as expected, they were great! Especially with that side sauce.


So I mean it was just okay, nothing really stood out (food-wise) the restaurant itself is beautiful! We got to sit on the patio, and sit on this white-cushioned bench (thank the lord I wasn’t on my period this day), and took some great photos of me and the food. But I mean food-wise it’s a good 2/5 and the restaurant-aesthetic is probably like a 4/5. Giving Wish a grand total of 6/10, on this insignificant scale.


PS. I am in no way even a little bit qualified to be reviewing restaurants or food, I just really like eating it. I am also no way affiliated with any restaurant I am reviewing! If I am I will state otherwise, I just really like taking pictures.

*Notice how the introduction and title of this post was about brunch, we didn’t even end up eating brunch, we got there too late. (Maybe if we were able to eat that french toast or something else this review would’ve been different)