5 Things To Do When You’re At A Jays Game

1. Find your seats

This seems pretty basic, but the Rogers Centre (I think this changing into SkyDome again?) is humongous, and trekking my body up all the way to the 500 level (because any other section is a little over budget) took so much time.


Then you have to actually look for your row and seat number? Having to say “excuse me, sorry” to every person whose knees your butt grazed? A little insane. So a little piece of advice: Get there a little bit early to avoid butt grazing 10 people

*That was my view by the way, I guess “please don’t put us in seats where our view is blocked by the foul line” really means “put us in seats where our view is blocked by the foul line”

2. Get a freaking beer

Nothing like a $12 beer to get you going for the game! $12!!! Insanity. Baseball is America’s favourite pastime right? Well then, beer is America’s favourite drink. So cheers to that!*

*Or you can get peanuts. (That’s stereotypical baseball food right?)

3. Go with some friends

I promise you, if you don’t understand the game someone in your friend group is bound to. If none of you do then you guys are outta luck! Kidding, a little bit of advice for this one: Cheer when everyone else cheers. Or better yet, start a wave!


That’s me, chilling in the 500 section, just waiting for either A) people to start cheering, or B) my friend to take a candid picture of me extremely focussed on the game. Yet, another reason go with your friends to the game.

4. Drop all the money

After walking around the arena to get an ice cold Corona, stop by the Jays Shop Stand and buy a T-shirt (you want to remember this night somehow), maybe even grab a baseball cap, because why not? It’s right there! Afterwards, go to the food stand right in front of it, and grab a $6 hot dog (let’s be real, you really wanted a poutine but that stand was too far). After all that walking, you probably finished that first beer. So go ahead, buy another, you deserve it.

5. Have Fun!

A bit self-explanatory, but I’m sure you will.



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