4 Years 

img_5181You would think that by putting ‘x’ years, I would be talking about being in a long committing relationship.

I mean, I guess one could say I am. But instead of it being with a person it’s with something bigger, it’s with a company, arguably with the largest company in North America. (I say arguably because let’s be real I’m not about to search up some facts and cite it)

I never had a Big Mac until I started working at McDonald’s. Crazy. I was living 16 years until I got to taste the thing that would essentially make up my first job. I could probably never thank McDonald’s enough, as much as I smelled like fries, burnt coffee and everything in between, McDonald’s has served as one of the greatest foundations for my career.

So why am I writing this? Maybe it’ll serve as a thank you, but mostly because I wanted to post that picture of my name. Isn’t it clever?


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